Sunday, 28 May 2023

Simon Case being sued for ‘direct discrimination and harassment’

Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, is being sued for “direct discrimination and harassment”. Former civil servant Rowaa Ahmed is bringing a case against the Cabinet Office, Mr Case and three other officials. The official has alleged the “discrimination and harassment” took place on the grounds of “sex and race”.

She is also bringing a further legal claim over alleged “victimisation”.

Mr Case’s lawyers said there are no “substantive” allegations of discrimination against him, the Times reported.

No details have emerged of the nature of the claims.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said: “We do not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination and any complaints are taken extremely seriously.

“There are clear procedures in place to ensure that complaints are handled with sensitivity and fairness.

“We are defending these claims and cannot comment further on an ongoing employment tribunal.”

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