Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Penny Mordaunt clear favourite among readers for next PM – ‘Need a hardcore Brexiteer!’

Penny Mordaunt has 'the it factor' says Michael Fabricant

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Five candidates remain in the race to succeed Boris Johnson as the next Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister. Ahead of the next round of voting, hopefuls Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Liz Truss, Tom Tugendhat and Kemi Badenoch went head to head in two televised debates.

One of the remaining candidates will be eliminated in the next round of voting on Monday evening. 

Tory MPs will vote between 5pm and 7pm, with the result due to be announced at 8pm.  

The ballot will leave four remaining contenders with the candidate in last position being cut from the race. 

Ahead of the next vote, ran a poll from 9am on Friday, July 15, to 3pm on Monday, July 18, asking: “Who do you want to win Tory leadership contest?”

A whopping 17,579 people cast their votes with hundreds of readers sharing their thoughts in the comments below the accompanying article.

Overall, the most popular candidate was Ms Mordaunt with 40 percent (6,955 people) of the votes cast.

This was followed by Foreign Secretary Ms Truss with 33 percent (5,729 people) of readers backing her.

In addition, some 12 percent (2,106 people) supported Ms Badenoch. 

Both former Chancellor Mr Sunak and Mr Tugendhat received six percent (1,038 votes each) of the vote. 

A further four percent (713 people) answered “other”.

Readers took part in a lively debate, sharing their support for their chosen candidate.

Many were in support of a Brexiteer succeeding Mr Johnson.

Username RY28 said: “We don’t care who becomes PM as long as they are a hardcore Brexiteer.”

Another reader, username Chippieiow, said: “I would vote for the person who is strongest in standing up to the EU and I think that would be Liz Truss.”

Some agreed that Ms Truss would make a strong leader given her experience.


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Username Silverbells said: “I’d vote for Liz, her stamina to get deals done for Britain speak for themselves!

“If not Liz then Penny, I think her quick mind and steely backbone would be a great asset against the disgusting rabble in the House of Commons!”

Readers also backed Ms Mordaunt with one reader, username Blackbrooke writing: “Mordaunt DIDN’T betray Boris. If you’re looking for an ideal PM, she’s it.”

And username ScotsLass, said: “I think Penny. As long as it’s not Sunak.”

Others argued against Mr Sunak with username Cookyz writing: “Anyone but Sunak!”

Username JohnBro1 said: “Rishi is the last person this country needs as PM and if they do select him I think the Tories will lose a lot more votes going forward.”

In addition, readers questioned the experience of Ms Badenock and Mr Tugendhat.

Username Alison2015 said: “I do like the sound of Kemi but feel she lacks experience.”

While username Robert Ward wrote: “Tugendhat not really a known quantity.” 

Candidates were due to face another TV debate on Tuesday evening, hosted by Sky News’s Kay Burley.

However, the channel was forced to cancel the broadcast after Mr Sunak and Ms Truss announced they would not participate.

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