Monday, 2 Aug 2021

Nicola Sturgeon warning: Scottish Tories aim to ‘derail’ SNP’s ‘independence obsession’

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Tony Miklinksi told that the Scottish Tories have to stop the SNP from securing a majority in Holyrood in 2021. Mr Miklinski added that the Scottish Parliamentary elections provide the Scottish Conservative Party with an opportunity to end the SNP’s 14 years in power. 

Mr Miklinski said: “The Scottish Conservatives want to get Nicola Sturgeon out.

“She needs to have her majority removed, we need to be holding the balance of power.

“We need to be able to form a minority Government if necessary, certainly a coalition Government where they no longer have power.

“We absolutely have to get rid of her majority and derail this independence obsession.

“So that we can start applying decent policies to all the problems that Scotland has suffered under their 14 years.”

The Scottish Conservative councillor also told that Ms Sturgeon will consider stepping down as Scotland’s First Minister if the SNP do poorly in the 2021 election.

Mr Miklinski told stated that the SNP leader has political enemies queueing up for her.

He added the longer the First Minister stays in power the more vulnerable she will become. 

Mr Miklinski said: “Nicola Sturgeon is secure as long as Nicola Sturgeon wants to be secure.

“She has been in power a long time, the longer you’re in power the more enemies you make.

“They are certainly queueing up.

“She is an able politician but the longer she is there the more vulnerable she becomes.


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“I expect to see her go through this election but if it goes badly for her, I wouldn’t quite bet my pension, but I am fairly certain she’ll be looking for another job.”

Ms Sturgeon has however claimed her case for an independent Scotland is stronger than ever. 

Earlier this month, she said: “As we’re seeing across the Atlantic just now, politicians who rage against democracy don’t prevail.

“Let’s not dignify this rubbish. Instead, let’s keep making and winning the case for independence. Power doesn’t belong to politicians – it belongs to the people.”

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