Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

Jeremy Corbyn told to resign over claims he’s ‘proud’ after election thrashing

Jeremy Corbyn has been mocked on social media after saying he was "proud" of his campaign following Labour's historic election thrashing.

With all but one of the 650 UK constituencies declared, the Conservatives have stormed to a huge majority, with 364 seats, up 47 on their 2017 result.

Labour have had a shocking night, shedding 59 seats as they claimed just 203.

Addressing his followers on Twitter this morning, Corbyn tweeted: "It was a very disappointing night.

"But I'm proud that we took our message of hope, unity and justice to every part of this country."

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Although he received a large number of supportive replies, there were also many who blamed the Labour leader solely for the party's shocking performance.

One Twitter user wrote: "Sorry mate, but gonny just resign?"

Another replied simply: "Resign!"

While another tweeted using the hashtag "#ResignNowCorbyn".

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A fourth commented: "Resign. Now."

And one blamed the party's activist wing, replying: "GO! And take Momentum with you! YOU ARE TO BLAME!"

"'Very disappointing?' The master of understatement! You took your message but people didn't want it. Just go…" wrote another.

Johnson has driven to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen in the wake of his thumping victory, the biggest Tory majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

On a historic night, the Conservatives won dozens of Labour heartland seats, while Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson was voted out in her Scottish constituency on a disastrous night for the party.


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