Monday, 3 Oct 2022

GB News: Thatcherite praises former PM for ‘facing down vicious’ far-left trade unions

Rail strikes: Labour MP Tulip Siddiq comments on RMT action

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The comments come following the RMT railway worker strikes and the threat from doctor’s unions and other trade unions of strike actions over pay negotiations. Members of RMT are calling for a 7 percent pay rise but have only been offered three percent so far and it is thought that NHS workers in England will also be offered 3 percent despite inflation being at 9.1 percent and rising.

Mr Gardiner spoke on GB News to host Mark Dolan who said: “I don’t have to ask you what Margaret Thatcher would have done with the unions, because she did it in the 1980s, she faced them down.”

Mrs Thatcher’s former aide quickly agreed with Mr Dolan’s comments and added that prior to her leadership in office “Britain was the sick man of Europe”.

He said: “Margaret Thatcher confronted the socialist trade unions who were bringing Britain to its knees.

“Britain was the sick man of Europe before Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister.”

He added: “She defeated the socialist left and the victory over extremely vicious trade unions, some of them Stalinist in outlook, this was a tremendous victory for the British people, a victory for the cause of liberty and freedom over those who were trying to undermine Great Britain and the British economy.”

Members of the public took to Twitter to criticise GB News and Nile Gardiners comments with user @McdowallRose saying: “They are hardly far left unions.

“For heaven’s sake they are asking for a pay rise below inflation, that’s a pay cut.

“I don’t know what planet these men are on.”

Mr Gardiner maintained: “Margaret Thatcher really turned the tide against trade union power. Also a series of bills were introduced so there was legislation that dramatically reduced the power of trade unions.

“They were holding Britain hostage. They were literally destroying the British economy, they cared nothing for the British people, we’re seeing echoes of that today in Great Britain with the trade unions basically holding the country to ransom, causing untold misery, it is absolutely unacceptable.

“We need to see Thatcherite resolve in the face of these far-left trade unions.”

More people commented beneath the GB News clip saying: “So let’s see GB News attempt to convince people to turn on the unions while simultaneously being unable to afford to eat or heat. Go on, do your best GB News.”

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Meanwhile user @AntheaJayne4 tweeted: “Nile Gardiner is spot on. A leader cannot be liked.

“They need the resolve to ignore the dissent whilst delivering what a majority voted them into Government on.

“To read the room and continue to deliver what a majority expects of a Tory Government. They’re not meant to be people pleasers.”

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