Thursday, 2 Jul 2020

Coronavirus: No figures yet but Matt Hancock claims test and trace system has been ‘successful’

The government’s coronavirus test and trace scheme is “up and running” and “successful”, the health secretary has declared. 

Matt Hancock told the daily COVID-19 briefing that the “vast majority” of new cases of the coronavirus have been contacted since the system was launched last week – but he could not give a specific figure.

“I’m very glad to report that those who are asked to isolate by the contact tracers are expressing the willingness to do so and we track that very carefully,” the health secretary said.

He added: “The level of incidence of disease has come down and so actually we have more capacity than we need, this is a good thing.”

Mr Hancock continued: “I think to err on the side of having too many contact tracers is the right side to err on.

“I’d rather have too many people trained and ready to go.”

The health secretary also told the briefing that a total of 39,045 people have now died in all settings after testing positive for the virus.

This is 556 higher than the equivalent total announced yesterday, although the government reported the day-on-day change as 111.

The difference in the two figures is down to how deaths are being incorporated into historic data retrospectively.

As the lockdown in England continues to be eased, which includes a phased reopening of schools and groups of up to six people now being permitted to meet outside at a distance, the test and trace system is seen as key to doing this safely and keeping COVID-19 under control.

A total of 25,000 contact tracers have been recruited for the programme, which sees people who test positive for the coronavirus provide details of their close contacts.

They are then told to self-isolate in order to avoid spreading COVID-19 to others.

An accompanying app, which is being piloted on the Isle of Wight, is also expected to launch in the coming weeks.

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