Sunday, 13 Jun 2021

China has ‘reverted to ideology from Sixties’ to become ‘much more dangerous’ MP warns

China's trade is becoming 'dangerous' says Tugendhat

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Tom Tugendhat made the remarks at a think-tank event exploring the challenge posed by China’s growing economic dominance across the Globe. The Tory MP was joined by Labour MP Lisa Nandy for the virtual event titled: “Delivering a Western alternative to China’s Belt and Road”. Mr Tugendhat argued that the Chinese Communist Party has adopted a “really dangerous” economic ideology that poses a serious risk to global markets.

The Tory MP said “What the Communist Party is now doing is really dangerous.

“They have reverted to a form of ideology we last saw experimented within the 1960s and 70s.

“Closing out the globalisation that has to a greater or less extent been introduced by various premiers since Deng Xiaoping.

“So I think what we are seeing is a much more dangerous China.”

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Mr Tugendhat added: “As this is because globalisation, real globalisation, has transformed the world.

“Free markets, not totally I accept that and some forms of protectionism still exists, in fact, many forms of protectionism still exist.

“But broadly speaking much freer markets than the world has ever known.

“Mean that China’s attempt at a form of mercantile colonialism are going to fail.”

China: Pompeo discusses ‘cover-up efforts’ on Covid-19 origin

Meanwhile former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has been accused China of going to “staggering” lengths to hinder investigations into the origin of the coronavirus.

Mr Pompeo told Fox News: “We worked to get every bit of evidence we could.

“We tried to deliver this, the CDC tried to work with the Chinese, they covered it up terribly.

“But every piece of evidence we saw throughout the entire time I was there suggests that this originating in that laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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“I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that suggests anything to the contrary.”

The former US Secretary of State continued: “That evidence continues to accumulate in spight of the fact the Chinese Communist Party will not permit anyone to get any access to the laboratory, to the original materials, to the doctors that were working there.

“The list of the cover-up efforts is staggering.

“And the combination of the circumstantial evidence that we have combined with the intense effort to deny us information about that lab suggests to me strongly that this is where it originated.

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