Thursday, 26 May 2022

‘Can do much more with renewables!’ Labour adamant fracking is NOT way forward for Britain

Ashworth discusses fracking and renewable energy

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During a discussion on Britain’s energy security amid soaring gas prices and shortages last year, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Ashworth told GB News that it was vital Britain does not fall back on fracking as a safe option to secure the UK’s energy future.

The practice, which uses drills to “fracture” bedrock to release gas, oil and thermal energy is a controversial energy extraction method which some local communities in Britain have rallied against.

Reports of tremors and ground shakes have been reported near sites, and closed them for periods of time, with campaigners arguing other options must be considered.

But proponents say extraction costs will remain low with fracking and subsequently, this will keep energy bills down amid the current energy price crisis.

Probed on where Labour stand amid the energy crisis, which will see some Brits hit with energy bill rises of up to 60 percent, Mr Ashworth said that despite concerns over affordability, renewables must be the way forward.

He said: “I would do renewables because I think that would be more secure in the long term.

“People who live in fracking areas, or areas which have been proposed for fracking, have always been deeply concerned about the impact that means on their local areas.”

He added that there are still “lots of questions” around fracking and its place in Britain.

But he insisted you can do “much more now with renewables” as he laid out the vision Labour have of Britain’s energy future. 

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