Friday, 4 Dec 2020

Brexit outrage: Joe Biden US election win may FORCE UK to agree EU’s trade deal terms

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Former foreign secretary David Miliband explained how the special relationship between the UK and US post-Brexit could change if Joe Biden becomes President. While speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, he said Mr Biden and his team will want the UK to make significant progress with the EU on key issues before agreeing our own future relationship with the US. Due to the quickly approaching end of the transition period, this could ultimately pressure the UK into rushing through a trade deal with the EU to maintain a good working relationship with the US.

Ms Ridge said: “If Joe Biden does win the US election, as the polls suggest, would that actually be good news for the United Kingdom?

“Do you think Joe Biden values the special relationship?”

Mr Miliband replied: “I think Joe Biden values the UK but he is a serious person who will follow the power.

“What Joe Biden knows, when it comes to the coronavirus crisis, the climate change challenge and some of the major global issues he can see that in Paris, Berlin and Brussels you have got 27 countries working together.

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“There is no question in my mind that in the Biden camp, Brexit has reduced the influence of the UK.

Mr Miliband noted that despite the feelings towards Brexit among Biden and his office, they would still seek to trade with the UK.

He said they would want a deal to be resolved between the UK and EU quickly in the meantime, however.

He continued: “Joe Biden will also be very realistic about the kind of issues we are still struggling with and his urgency for getting things done.

“I think that puts a special premium on the British Government to get the trade deal with the European Union.

“Not only this but to also sort out the ways in which we are going to cooperate on security terms, intelligence terms and foreign policy terms with the EU.

“This is something that has made such little progress and that really leaves us in a weaker position.”

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Mr Miliband has also warned of the tentativeness of the relationship between the UK and US.

While speaking to Channel 4 he said: “The special relationship all depends on what the British Government does.

“If the British Government comes to the table with ideas, resources and alliances then we have got an important role to play.

“But if we come with none of those things, I am afraid Washington will look to places where they see real power being exercised.”

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