Monday, 27 Sep 2021

Brexit bombshell: Joe Biden will put UK at ‘back of the queue’ on trade warns writer

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His team, including vice-president Kamala Harris, where also criticised over claims they have a “‘back of the queue’ view of a Brexit Britain.” In a commentary written for the Sunday Times, Marc Almond expressed concerns around Mr Biden’s next steps in UK-US relations, and specifically around Brexit.

Mr Almond wrote: “Boris Johnson’s government will warmly congratulate Joe Biden, but his Brexit agenda is seen by the new president and his team as trans-Atlantic Trumpism.

“If Donald Trump carries on legal guerrilla warfare against Biden, Anglo-American relations will suffer.

“If he goes gracefully, the Biden team might decide to adopt reconciliation all round.

“Trump defiant means the war of 2016 could spread across the Atlantic as a Biden Administration sees Brexit as part of that battle.

“So far, fears of a negative impact of a Biden victory on Anglo-American relations have revolved around his Catholic Irish roots and comments on Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement echoing Irish nationalist concerns.

“That will be an issue but let’s not miss the bigger picture. Biden’s vice-president (and likely successor) Kamala Harris and his foreign policy team reflect Obama’s pivot to Asia and ‘back of the queue’ view of a Brexit Britain.”

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage branded Mr Biden as “strongly anti-Brexit and I would even argue he’s anti-Britain”.

The former Ukip leader told talkRADIO that Mr Biden is likely to support the European Union in the Brexit process ending December 31.

He claimed the UK would “be at the back of the queue for a trade deal,” referring to Barack Obama’s remarks in 2016.

Mr Farage said: “If Biden wins, look, he is strongly anti-Brexit. I would even argue he’s anti-Britain.

“The prospects of a trade deal between the UK and the US under a Biden presidency are very low.

“He was the vice-president to Obama, who delightfully came to London in 2016 and said we’d be at the back for the queue if we dared vote for our independence.

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“When Obama visited Europe, he always flew to Berlin, not London. If Biden wins, you can expect that again.”

However, international trade secretary Liz Truss said she believes a UK/US trade deal would happen regardless of who wins the election.

Last month, in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express, Ms Truss denied concerns regarding a Democratic win in the presidential election.

She said: “We are completely committed to the Good Friday Agreement so we can address all the concerns that have been raised.

“During the talks I have been having, as well as talking to my counterparts in the trade department, I have also been talking to the Democrats and Republicans.

“That’s clearly important because every deal has to be passed through Congress and there is strong cross-party support for a deal with the UK.

“People recognise that we are a high standard country, we are not going to be undercutting US workers, we are not going to be posing a threat to US manufacturing, we are complimentary countries who already do a lot of business together.

“So I think the Americans are as excited about the opportunities for that as we are.”

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