Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023

Woman furious after flat viewers leave her home in a mess – including loo stains

A furious woman has criticised her estate agent after viewers “ran riot” through her flat.

The mum said she left her home neat and tidy before the viewing, but was shocked by the state it had been left in when she came back.

She described coming back to crumpled bedcovers, rearranged pillows, scratches on a table and marks in her toilet bowl.

The angry mother took to Mumsnet to share her frustration, asking fellow users of the parenting forum if she was right to feel “a bit annoyed”.

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She wrote: “I’m trying to sell my flat at the moment and I’m not very happy with the estate agent.”

The woman added that when she chose the agent he told her he had lots of potential buyers, but only two people had booked a viewing after several weeks of her flat going on the market.

She explained how she did a lot of tidying and styling to prepare for the first viewing, but when she came back not everything was as she left it.

The Mumsnet user listed marks in the toilet bowl, toilet paper being moved and a neatly folded towel left in a mess.

She added: “My bedcovers were all crumpled and pillows moved. I left a ceramic tray with candles on the sofa table to look homely.

“The tray had been moved and the table now has several scratches on it. The hallway had black marks on the walls (I’ve got rid of them with water). The bedroom wardrobe doors and drawers were left open.”

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She added that the estate agent had warned her the first viewing would be for a couple with children, which she said could explain the hallway marks and bedclothes.

The woman asked: “Although do people really let their kids jump on beds during viewings? But the worst one is the toilet. I suspect someone has used it and I’m not sure if it was the agent or the people viewing.

“I know none of this is serious, permanent damage, which I’m grateful for. But [am I being unreasonable] to be a bit annoyed about how the flat was left after the viewing?”

A fellow Mumsnet user replied: “I wouldn’t be happy either. It sounds like the kids ran riot and someone used the loo. I would mention it to the [estate agent] when they reopen after the weekend that you would like your property to be treated with more respect for future viewings.”

Another said: “I think the toilet issue is not an issue – would you have refused to let them use the loo if you had been there?”

A third chimed in: “If I viewed a house and was refused to use the loo, I’d assume the seller was going to be an arse about other aspects of the transaction too. The marks on the wall, and the bed – by all means raise it. But don’t raise the loo unless you want to give that impression.”

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