Thursday, 7 Dec 2023

Woman alarmed after buying ‘good as new’ joggers with very suspicious stain

A TikToker has revealed what she’s dubbed to be the “worst Vinted order in history” after discovering a “rancid” stain on her purchase.

‘Kat’ – whose account is @Kathrynhibberd – showed the shocking find on her second hand tracksuit buy to her 70,000 followers.

The ‘lifestyle content creator’ says she found a mark on the crotch of the loungewear she had ordered from second hand online marketplace Vinted – despite them being listed as in “very good” condition.

In the viral video that’s been viewed 2.2 million times, Kat said: “I don’t think anyone is ever going to be able to top this.

“I have had the worst Vinted order in history. I’m actually in shock.

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“It’s a Boohoo set of joggers and a hoodie right. Listed as very good, the pictures – you couldn’t see any stains or anything like that.

“So I’ve just received it right. Not prepared for what the f**k I’m about to show you. I understand stains and little marks like this being missed.

“Just turned them over to check the back – how the f**k are you going to send out an item like this? I haven’t touched it thank God.

“Is that period? Like I’m a woman right? I have a vagina. I understand that periods happen and that we leak.

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“No hate towards that whatsoever,” she added. “That is f**king rancid mate. I actually feel like I need to go and have a bath. I need to scrub my skin.

“What is going on with Vinted?” The video has had more than 3,000 comments – with many others piling in to tell their horror stories with second hand purchases.

One said: “I bought a tracksuit off Vinted and there was a really long toenail clipping in the hoodie’s front pocket.”

Another said: “My friend got a hoodie that had a used condom in the pocket.” Bought some very good PJs and they had skid marks in!,” said another.

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One TikTok user even said that bed bugs could spread as a result of buying dodgy second hand goods.

She said: “My friend received a plushie that was INFESTED with bed bugs, like she had a whole infestation in her room and had to throw her mattress away.”

Vinted told “We encourage members wishing to list items to check their items first, some advice can be found here.

“And should any members wish to report an issue with an item they have received, they can contact us directly within the app – just tap the ‘I have an issue’ button in the transaction.”

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