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William showed ‘inner tension’ with key Remembrance service gesture – expert

King Charles lays wreath on Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph

Prince William displayed signs of “inner tension” during today’s Remembrance Sunday service, a body language expert has claimed.

The Prince of Wales joined his father, King Charles as he led the emotional memorial service this morning at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.

But body language expert Judi James suspected the royal may have been “underpinned by some inner tension in terms of getting it right.”

She told the Mirror: “Rapid blinking at an increased rate, as both William and Charles were doing, tends to be caused either by a suppression of tears or it can be a physiological response that is down to an increase in adrenalin prompted by tension, anxiety or even anger!”

The expert explained that in King’s case, the movement could likely be down to him trying to suppress his tears as “his eyes did look damp and the way he rolled his eyes upward a couple of times would be another technique to avoid actually shedding tears.”

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However, in William’s case, James claimed his blinking was more frequent, “which would say more about inner tension.”

She added: “For William, there was a staccato blinking that was more frequent, which would say more about inner tension.

“He seems to be presenting himself as the family rock that his father can rely on but that display of strength and calm could be underpinned by some inner tension in terms of getting it right.

“He might want to avoid showing any vulnerability, especially in the light of the constant problems from the US, but there do seem to be a couple of micro-gestures, i.e. the blinking and the jaw muscle movement, that give hints the responsibility does require effort.

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“William’s body language now places him as a beacon of calm and strength at formal, traditional royal events like this.

“His features looked softer as though keeping a fond eye on his father, although a muscle working in his jaw did suggest some inner tension and alertness.”

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