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William and Kate are viewed as ‘more appropriate’ to Americans than King Charles

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive at Royal Ascot

Prince William and Princess Kate are viewed far more favourably in America than King Charles, a royal author has claimed.

Polling consistently suggests the Prince and Princess of Wales have captured the hearts of Americans. Speaking exclusively to Daily Express US, Clive Irving, author of ‘The Last Queen’ and a royal columnist at The Daily Beast, lifted the lid on their enduring appeal stateside.

Clive Irving told Express US: “William and Kate are very popular here among those who follow the Royal Family. And there are lots of people who like William and Kate. They are much more appropriate to the American taste than the king himself is.”

Key factors contributing to this preference is the couple’s visibilty in America and their modern sensibilities, he opines.

In this regard, there’s an obvious parallel to be drawn to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the royal author noted.

“They – like Harry and Meghan – are seen as a very progressive couple over here,” explained Irving.

Kate, in particular, has made a strong impression as a relatable and influential figure. Recent research from iCandy, a luxury British stroller brand, suggests that she is among the “Most Influential Celeb Moms”. The study ranks celebrity parents based on Google searches related to their maternity style, nursery choices, and stroller preferences.

In the rankings, global superstar Rihanna takes the top spot. However, Kate Middleton secured the fifth position, surpassing Meghan, who sits in ninth place.

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A recent survey also revealed that William and Kate are currently the most popular members of the Royal Family in the US. Their active involvement in various charitable and public events have endeared them to many across the nation.

However, despite their popularity, Irving believes that William and Catherine have their work cut out.

When asked about the possibility of the Waleses visiting the White House, he was sceptical.

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“You can’t imagine William and Kate having the same impact if they came to America,” said Irving, adding: “The whole world has moved on from that.”

The royal author was referring to Princess Margaret’s storied visit to the US in 1965, where she dined with President Lyndon B. Johnson and hobnobbed with Hollywood stars.

In Irving’s estimation, those heady days are long gone and unlikely to return.

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