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‘What the f*** are you doing?’ Screams as fireworks hurled at crowd in busy city

Shocking moment fireworks are hurled at people in the street in Hulme

Shocking video footage has shown a group of people running away after fireworks were pelted at them near a busy shopping centre – with one woman crying: “What the f*** are you doing?”

The disburbing clip, shot on a mobile phone and shared on social media, was shot just before 7pm on Saturday evening close to Asda in Hulme in Manchester.

Several fireworks explode down the High Street, with one of them apparently almost hitting a member of the public, at which point a voice is heard asking: “What the f*** are you doing?”

They later said the area was regularly targeted by anti-social yobs, with such incidents occuring every weekend.

They told the Manchester Evening News: “The same group of teenagers every Saturday night gather outside fighting with each other and being the literal definition of antisocial.

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“Disturbances of a similar nature happen every Saturday night without fail.

“I suppose this occasion was different due to it being that time of the year where fireworks are sold.”

There were regular problems with teenagers “riding around on bikes”’ screaming” and “fighting” and brawling. has approached Greater Manchester Police for comment.

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In an unconnected incident, eight-year-old Bradley Guzvic was seriously injured after a firework exploded in his face in Cardiff, knocking him unconscious.

Bradley’s dad Rhydian told Wales Online his son was hurt afer the firework was thrown at him by three youths.

He added: “My son was taken by road to Noah’s Ark at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. He had to have a full CT scan and they found bits of shrapnel in his wounds and a bit in the corner of his eye. We are very lucky he has managed to keep his sight. His friend was airlifted to hospital in Bristol.

“You shouldn’t be allowed to buy fireworks without a licence. In this country you can’t buy a gun without a licence and you can’t buy hand grenades.

“In essence fireworks can be used as hand grenades, which is what has happened here. It shouldn’t be allowed.”

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