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Tributes to XL bully victim Ian Langley as arrest made after horror dog mauling

A man who was killed in a horrific XL Bully attack last night “could not hurt a fly”, his close friend has said in a heartfelt tribute.

Dad-of-one Ian Langley was out walking his Patterdale terrier puppy close to his home in Sunderland when he was attacked.

The 54-year-old, originally from Liverpool and known to friends as Scouse, was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he later died.

His next of kin have been informed and are being supported by specially trained officers.

Ian’s close friend, Rachael Barron, described him as “lovely, kind man” who was a “real dog lover” and “could not hurt a fly”.

Rachael, 31, told the Mirror: “It’s absolutely devastating that this has happened to him, he is a lovely, kind man.

“He’s very slight of build and could not hurt a fly, he would have stood no chance against a dog as big as that, it makes me feel sick to think about it.”

She added: “I don’t know exactly what has happened but if another dog was trying to get at Beau, Scouse would have done anything to protect him.”

Michael Kennedy, 64, also from Shiney Row, who knew Mr Langley for more than 20 years, added: “He was a really nice lad, he came from Liverpool, he was a lovable rogue you might say.

“That lad must have been eight stone, he seemed malnourished and was not looking after himself.

“I was worried about him, telling him to look after himself and be careful.

“He used to go to the church every Tuesday, where people go to help each other out.

“My mam goes and every time I saw him he would ask after her. He was a very caring fella.

“The reason I am speaking to you (the press) is because I don’t want his name to be tarnished, he doesn’t deserve that. I am heartbroken.

“He never did any harm, he was not a violent person, he wasn’t a hard man, he wasn’t the type to go looking for trouble.

“He was really thin, he would have no chance against a big dog.”

Police have since arrested a 44-year-old man on suspicion of murder.

The dog was “destroyed at the scene to ensure the safety of the public”, and took another dog, also believed to be an XL bully, into custody.

Paramedics fought to save Ian’s life after racing to the scene.

A woman who him on a field near Maple Terrace shouted at the first police officer to arrive: “Please help me! His throat is hanging out.”

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The XL bully owner called for help and rang the police, a local resident said.

“I heard noises and thought it was people fighting,” she said. “I looked out of the window and all of a sudden (the owner) was shouting ‘help, help’.

“I went out and the guy was on the floor bleeding.”

Police said in a statement: “A murder investigation has been launched after a man was fatally injured by an XL bully type dog.

“Shortly before 6.55pm on Tuesday (October 3) police received a report that a dog had injured a man outside of an address on Maple Terrace in Shiney Row, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

“Emergency services attended the scene and the man, aged 54, was taken to hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries.

“Despite the best efforts of medical staff, he sadly passed away last night. We ask their privacy is respected at this difficult time.”

Anyone with concerns or information is urged to speak with an officer on duty, or by calling 101 quoting reference number NP-20231003-0979.

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