Thursday, 29 Jul 2021

‘They want your wife to leave you!’ Host in furious rant at bizarre online cancel culture

Cancel culture slammed by radio presenter Patrick Christys

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Speaking to talkRADIO on Saturday, host Patrick Christys launched into a furious tirade at the growing problem of ‘cancel culture’ online and in Britain. He explained how those that encourage cancel culture will not accept an apology for social media posts they disagree with, they want to ruin the person’s life and take everything from them they have worked for as a form of punishment.

Mr Christys explained how proponents of cancel culture immediately argue that a social media post or comment they don’t agree with, “just by virtue of existing”, means “we have got to cancel that, we can’t possibly have that.”

He slammed: “Hang on a minute!

“We can’t live in this world can we, where just because we don’t like something, then boom, off it goes!

“It goes that step further as well.”

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The host added how: “I have had it before where I have tweeted something, not deliberately offensive, but it gets taken one way.”

Mr Christys went on to say how the cancel culture mob do not just settle for a simply apology, they instead have much more sinister desires of what happens to their victims.

He expanded: “They don’t just want you to go and say sorry…

“They want to ring your boss, then they want your boss to sack you.

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“Then they want your wife to leave you, then they want your landlord to kick you out.

“And then they want you living under a bridge somewhere in Stoke!”

“That’s what they want, just for one tweet you put out there! It does seem like a very strange world that we are living in at the moment.”

Twitter reacted to the ferocious rant and offered possible solutions to the problem of online mobs ‘cancelling’ people.

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One person suggested: “Need new laws on gang-stalking as in effect that it was some of the hypocrite mobs are doing. And new laws to protect targets. Turning the tables on the gang-stalkers might be a robust first step.”

While another said: “Need to dismantle the woke industry that has been created, change some laws so corporations are not allowed to cower to mobs, and change education. Could start with putting some of the coverts woke mobs under scrutiny, taste of own medicine required.”

The radio host’s comments come as Mumford & Sons banjoist and guitarist Winston Marshall was ‘cancelled’ and forced to leave his band by a ferocious Twitter mob after offering his praises to a book that criticized the left-wing anarchist group ANTIFA.

The book by US-based conservative journalist Andy Ngo titled Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, heavily criticises the practices of the Left in the USA.

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