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The best Apple Black Friday 2022 deals on iPhones, iPads, AirPods and more

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The time of Black Friday is almost upon us and there are some excellent discounts on usually-very-pricy Apple tech to be had.

Traditionally, the iPhone maker doesn’t do Black Friday discounts itself, but there are plenty of other retailers willing to slash some prices.

So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to upgrade your AirPods or take the plunge on a new iPhone, this could be your opportunity.

Perhaps the best thing about Apple’s gadgets is they tend to hold onto both value and performance for a long time. They also benefit from security and software updates for many years.

What we’re trying to say is there’s nothing wrong with picking up and iPhone or iPad from a generation or two ago – they’ll still work just fine and probably handle 90 per cent of the tasks you need them to accomplish.

We’ve scouted around to find some of the best deals and included them here. All prices are correct at time of writing but, as is always the case, they can change pretty swiftly. So move quickly if you spot something that fits the bill.

If you find any Apple Black Friday deals yourself that we’ve missed, feel free to share them in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Apple iPhone 14 – £42 per month

If you do want to get the very latest iPhone, then there’s a Black Friday offer over at Carphone Warehuse that’ll shave a few pounds off the total contract length.

The company is offering the new iPhone 14 on iD Mobile (which uses the Three network) at a knock-down price of £41.99 per month on a 24 month contract. That’s down from £44.99 and totals a saving of £72 over the course of the contract.

Be warned, you still have to pay a £49 up-front cost to buy the phone, but you’re getting Apple’s brand new handset with 128GB of storage in exchange.

The headline feature of the iPhone 14 is probably the ability to send a call for help via satellite during an emergency. But it’s also got all the usual goodies: a great screen, decent battery life and a quality camera.

You can buy the iPhone 14 from Carphone Warehouse here.

iPhone 13 Pro – £1,189

If you’re not fussed about having the latest iPhone then you can pick up last year’s flagship at a reduced price on Amazon.

The iPhone 13 Pro is still an excellent phone a year on from its initial release and features a brilliant triple-lens camera and 120Hz ‘ProMotion’ display.

Amazon is selling it SIM-free, which means you’ll need to pick up a separate deal with a mobile provider. Often, this works out cheaper than opting for an all-in contract.

The online retailer has knocked a healthy £60 off the price of the 512GB model, bringing it down from £1,249 to £1,189. And you get it in the nice Sierra Blue colour to boot.

You can buy the iPhone 13 Pro from Amazon here.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation) – £239

The very best in-ear AirPods that Apple makes have been given a sliver of a discount by Amazon.

We know that £10 off isn’t going down in history as the greatest deal ever offered, but we figure every little helps. Especially when the product is this good.

The second generation AirPods were only released last month and they’re already getting reduced.

For this generation, Apple has upgraded the noise cancelling technology with a new H2 chip. Each earbud has a pair of microphones – one on the outside and one on the inside. Between the two of them, they analyse and adjust (200 times per second) to the incoming sound and play the right frequencies to cancel it out.

And, of course, they’ll quickly pair with any other Apple gear you happen to have in your setup.

You can buy the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) from Amazon here.

iMac 2020 27-inch – £1,909

Wanting something a bit more serious than a laptop to work on? Look no further than the 2020 iMac with a 27-inch Retina 5K display.

This excellent all-in-one comes with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage and Apple’s full-fat macOS on board. The processor is a 10th generation Intel Core i7 which, even a few years later, still packs a punch.

Amazon has given this computer a hefty discount, knocking £390 off the price and bringing it down to under £2k.

If you’re a professional wanting the likes of Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro X then this is the machine to go for. Alternatively, see if your boss will foot the bill and tell them you’re saving them some cast.

You can buy the iMac 2020 from Amazon here.

iPad Pro (2022) M2 11-inch 128GB – £859

Apple has given its top-range iPad a refresh this year and John Lewis has responded by discounting it for Black Friday.

The retailer has taken £60 off the asking price of the 11-inch version of the tablet with 128GB of storage. Which is better than the £40 cut Amazon is offering.

Although not a big leap forward from last year’s M1 iPad Pro, this device is still the greatest tablet out there. The display has a brilliant 120Hz display and there’s support for excellent Apple accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil gen 2.

And, of course, the hugely powerful M2 chip means this tablet can run any powerful app without breaking a sweat.

You can buy the iPad Pro (2022) from John Lewis here.

Apple Watch Series 7 – £389

Apple’s excellent smartwatch from last year has received a £10 discount for Black Friday and offers just about all the features the current Apple Watch Series 8 does.

If you’ve already got an iPhone, then the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch you should be considering. It’ll track all your health and fitness metrics and the included GPS means you can head out for a run or bike ride without worrying about taking your phone along with you.

Apple increased the display size by 20 per cent for the Series 7 and bumped up the brightness. It’s also got an improved charging speed as the included power cable has been converted to USB-C.

You can buy the Apple Watch Series 7 from Amazon here.

Mail+ Black Friday Deal

For Black Friday, you can grab this excellent discount on Mail+ to enjoy the best of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday on your tablet.

Using this offer, you can get The Mail on your tablet or phone for just 1p PER DAY.

Grab a Black Friday Bargain – 90 newspapers for 90 days for just 90p – the price of one printed Daily Mail 


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