Friday, 3 Feb 2023

Spectacular moment humpback whale spotted roaming British coast

Rare sighting of Humpback Whale near Brighton Marina

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Amazing footage captured by a fisherman shows the stunning moment a humpback whale was spotted off the British coast.

Gary Rice captured the incredible footage of the whale on Monday, December 5, while he was out at sea.

The video shows Mr Rice’s awe at the rare sighting near Brighton Marina in Sussex, as the whale can be seen spouting water after rising to the surface.

The Sussex Dolphin Project shared the video online via its social media. Launched in 2018, the project is part of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) which is the world’s largest marine conservation partnership, and champions the protection of marine habitats through community engagement, Sussex Live reports.

The organisation also said that they believe the whale is likely to be the same individual sighted last week at the Port of Dover.

There was a debate as to whether it could have been a minke whale or a humpback whale, spotted at Dover.

According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, there are around 28 different species of whales and dolphins that have been seen around the UK coastline. Some of these have only been recorded a few times while others are seen more regularly.

“Sometimes we also get unexpected visits from species that are not usually found here,” they explain, “such as the beluga whale that visited the Thames in 2018.”

Anyone with further sightings of this whale near Brighton is encouraged to get in touch with the organisation so it can monitor its movements. To report a sighting, you’ll ideally need photos or videos of the sighting, as well as: 

  • What species was it? (Dolphin, Porpoise, or Seal)

  • The number of animals

  • The location (Coordinates or nearest landmark)

  • If there were any juveniles present.

  • The behaviour of the animals (swimming, jumping, interacting with boats, feeding, resting)

  • The time and date of the sighting

You can report a sighting here, as well as find out what the project is up to. 

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