Friday, 18 Sep 2020

Royal heartbreak: Health scare helped repair Prince Harry and William’s struggling bond

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Royal expert Omid Scobie Prince Harry and Prince William have been reconnecting through coronavirus lockdown and are speaking to each other again after hitting a rough patch. During his Heirpod podcast, Mr Scobie said the pair have been taking steps in the right direction to improve their relationship. He claimed their father Prince Charles’ health scare with coronavirus brought the two brothers closer together.

He added concern over a parent’s wellbeing often paves the way for families to reconnect.

Mr Scobie said: “The future of the family relations is certainly taking steps in a great direction.

“There is nothing that brings families together like concerns over the health of a parent.

“Prince Charles’ coronavirus scare earlier this year was certainly one of the things that put Harry and William in a place of communication that they hadn’t been in for some time.

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“I don’t know the extent of that beyond there were talks.

“But it certainly seems that Prince Harry and William have been taking at least one step in the right direction there.”

Royal commentator Kate Thornton also reflected on the struggling relationship between the brothers.

She said: “I am sure it’s a temporary loss. And that’s touched upon in our TV special. These guys will repair. They will heal.

“But right now, there are fractures quite clearly within their relationship.

“They’re not even living on the same continent.

“And that’s going to hurt because they were shoulder to shoulder, brother to brother.”

“But that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t heal whatever rift.

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“Because at the end of the day, when you work together and you are family members, I think it’s an extraordinary expectation to expect nobody’s ever going to fall out and nothing’s ever going to go wrong.

“And that you’re not going to butt heads.”

Prince Charles has made a full recovery from coronavirus and has been seen out conducting royal engagements with his wife Camilla in recent months.

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