Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Royal BOMBSHELL: What the Queen ‘HATES above all things’ revealed

Queen Elizabeth II is known for graciously handling royal protocol, and even throwing it out of the window on occasion, for example when she told a surprised Michelle Obama to ignore protocol and sit next to her when the First Lady met her for the first time. Although Her Majesty is particular about royal engagements, famously preferring royal women to always wear hosiery for instance, there is one major issue that the Queen “hates above all things”. The revelation may be particularly useful for anyone lucky enough to see the Queen today, as she celebrates turning 93.

Royal biographer Penny Junor, in her 2017 book “The Duchess: The Untold Story”, reveals how the Queen cannot stand surprises. 

In the tense years following Princess Diana’s untimely death, when Camilla Parker Bowles was being slowly introduced to the Royal Family  and their key courtiers, the Queen’s Private Secretary weathered Prince Charles’ anger over sticking to Her Majesty’s preferences.

Ms Junor reports how, when invited to meet Camilla for the first time, Sir Robin Janvrin said: “I can’t possibly do that. I couldn’t do it without asking the Queen’s permission and making sure it was the right thing to do.”

Ms Junor continues: “He was not to be budged.”

She reports how, when Charles was informed, “the prince’s language was unrepeatable”.

According to Ms Junor, he said: “In my house… How dare he be so rude in my house?”

She continues: “Although he had snubbed the prince over meeting Camilla that day, he did have an amicable meeting with her on another occasion when he had warned the Queen in advance. 

“He hadn’t intended to be rude but he knew that what the Queen hated above all things were surprises, and that if he agreed to that earlier meeting, the news would have quickly found its way across the park.”

She adds: “If warned in advance the Queen is always 100 percent supportive, even if things go wrong.”

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