Sunday, 3 Jul 2022

Rescue teams rush to quarry after teenage girl plunges down cliff

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The 16-year-old girl was at the site in Shepshed, Leicestershire, with her friend when she fell onto a ledge above a pool of water below. Emergency services rushed to the scene off Ingleberry Road where they carried out a rescue operation, reports Leicestershire Live.

A firefighter and EMAS Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) team were lowered to the girl.

A second firefighter was deployed to rescue her friend and LFRS confirmed that she was uninjured.

The girl who fell  is said to be suferring from neck and leg pain, but the LFRS commander at the scene said she was “extremely lucky to get away with her life”.

He said: “We set up a complex rope system to haul two causalties to safety and they’ve been extremely lucky – one person has been extremely lucky to get away with their life today.

“So we’ve given out a really strong safety message to stop people swimming and using quarries in this heat.”

He added: “I strongly advise not to use quarries and open water swimming in this heat because it will result in a fatality”.

While the emergency services were at the scene, another group of teenagers arrived to swim in the quarry but firefighters were able to advise them not to.

People took to Leicestershire Live’s Facebook page to comment on the incident.

One person said: “Think we’ve all wondered how we got to adulthood with all the dumb stuff we did as kids and tbf I ain’t doing much better as an adult. Let’s just pray she’s ok”.

Another person added: My grandma and grandad lived at the quarry years ago.

“Me and my brother and cousins, often run around them cliffs, you just don’t see the dangers when your young, hope the young girl is ok”.

A third commented: “Hope she is ok. Like people above have said we were all young – daring and thought we were invincible. I hope she makes a speedy recovery and her and her friend are not too traumatised by their adventure”.

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