Friday, 30 Jul 2021

Queen heartbreak: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry issued Christmas orders – ‘Enough snubs!’

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Meghan and Prince Harry are set to be in the UK in early January to attend the trial against the Mail on Sunday at the London’s High Court. As they are coming from a country with high infection rate, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will need to self-isolate for 14 days before being able to head to the court in the capital. 

This has sparked discussions on whether Meghan and Harry will spend Christmas at their home in Montecito or if they will decide to celebrate the holidays in the UK.

One source had previously claimed the Sussexes were looking forward to celebrating their first Christmas in the US.

However, royal author Robert Lacey believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should avoid staying away from their British family for two Christmases in a row.

He told Newsweek: “People will be disappointed if their first arrival in Britain is seen solely in terms of a court case and I think people will expect some sort of family reconciliation. 

“There have been enough snubs.

“That would make it two Christmasses in a row and a summer holiday when they’ve snubbed the family.

“So yes, I think they should see the family at Christmas.”

Last year Meghan, Harry and their son Archie Harrison spent the festive season privately in Canada.  

As noted at the time, this didn’t mark a royal first, as Kate and Prince William had already chosen on more than one occasion to celebrate Christmas with the Middletons rather than the Royal Family.

During the summer of 2019 the Sussexes also chose not to visit the Queen and Prince Philip at Balmoral Castle.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are believed to have seen their great-grandson Archie only a handful of times.

The little Sussex travelled to Canada with his parents in mid-November but did not accompany Meghan and Harry back to the UK in January and March.   

Another royal expert, Ingrid Seward, believes it is paramount for the Sussexes to bring along their son next time they visit, given the “frailty of Prince Philip”.

She said: “The Queen and Philip would be very sad not see Archie.

“I think it would be up to Harry to make sure they see Archie and I think Meghan will be pushing for that.

“They’ve got to because of the frailty of Prince Philip.

“Meghan will make sure that they take Archie to see their grandparents, absolutely, for sure, but just not on Christmas Day.” 

The evolving coronavirus pandemic, however, could be an obstacle for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ reunion with other members of the Royal Family.

The current three-tier system bars people living in the two highest tiers to meet with other household members inside.

The coronavirus pandemic has also made it more difficult for the Sussexes to be able to cross the pond and has likely postponed by months a royal reunion.

The Duke and Duchess were believed to be scheduled to return to the UK in June to attend the Trooping the Colour parade. 

However, because of the ongoing pandemic, the traditional celebrations of the Queen’s official birthday were cancelled, and with it the occasion for Harry and Meghan to appear in public with the rest of the Royal Family.

A source told “Had it not been for COVID-19 and travel restrictions, they would have already been back in the UK –for things like Beatrice’s wedding and Trooping of the Colour for example.”

Meghan’s trial is due to begin on January 11 and is set to last between eight to 10 days.

This means the Duchess will need to leave the US by December 28 the latest to self-isolate and be able to testify at the High Court.   

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