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Princess Diana: The heartbreaking nickname she gave Harry and William revealed

Diana wasn’t a fan of hunting despite going on the royal hunting season with Prince Charles while they were married. The princess didn’t like to see her sons photographed with a gun in their hands, according to Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. But Harry and William have taken part in the Royal Family’s Boxing Day shoot on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate most Boxing Days for more than 20 years.

Ms Seward told The Daily Mail: “She said the boys loved Scotland but she didn’t like them being photographed with a gun in their hands.

“She said, ‘Remember, there’s always someone in a high-rise flat who doesn’t want to see you shoot a Bambi.’

“She said, ‘I’m not anti-shooting, I’m just not interested in it any more.’ But the boys loved it.

“She called them her ‘Killer Wales’.”

The nickname comes after claims that Camilla used the sport as a way to stay close to Prince Charles.

Diana became “suspicious” after Camilla questioned her on whether she goes hunting with Charles.

She was confused by the question and told Camilla she would not be taking part, according to royal biographer Andrew Morton.

Writing in Diana: In Her Own Words, Mr Morton said: “It was during that meeting, arranged to coincide with Prince Charles’s trip to Australia and New Zealand, that Diana became suspicious.

“Camilla kept asking if Diana was going to hunt when she moved to Highgrove.

“Nonplussed by such an odd question, Diana replied in the negative. The relief on Camilla’s face was clear.

“Diana later realised that Camilla saw Charles’s love of hunting as a conduit to maintaining her own relationship with him.”

Charles and Diana announced their engagement in February 1981.

The prince had previously dated Camilla in the early 1970s, and despite her marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles their romance never fizzled out.

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