Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020

Princess Charlotte’s defiant tantrum as royal ‘refused to board helicopter’ exposed

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Last month, Princess Charlotte celebrated her fifth birthday. The circumstances were a world away from the same time last year, when the Princess marked her fourth birthday with family –even having a mini photoshoot, organised by Kate.

With the coronavirus outbreak, the Cambridge’s celebrations were muted and more intimate this year.

Charlotte has hit headlines a number of times during her five years.

Most notable were the pictures that hit the main pages of UK media in 2017.

It was here that, during a royal visit to Germany, Charlotte was captured having a mini-tantrum on the runway of Hamburg airport.

As the Daily Mail reported at the time, the “week’s gruelling royal tour has seen them being virtually dragged onto planes by their parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as the family was ferried between Germany and Poland”.

It’s not a surprise, then, that when Prince William and Kate attempted to usher Charlotte onto yet another helicopter, she outright refused.

As Prince George looked ecstatic to be offered the chance to board the H145, Charlotte was less than happy.

Taking a tumble to the tarmac, Charlotte burst into tears.

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From this point, a full-blown tantrum, quite understandably, ensued.

William and Kate can be seen trying to reassure the little Charlotte.

Even Prince George stands by to be of assistance.

Despite the current lockdown, many of the royals have still been active in their duties.


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Kate, for example, earlier this week, pleased fans after holding a Zoom meeting with a charity she has, for eight years, remained close to.

The royal first visited Action for Addiction after she became a patron for it in 2012 – just one year after she married William.

During the video call, Kate was given a virtual tour of Clouds House, an addiction treatment centre.

For the charity, the meeting was overly significant as it marked the first such visit by a royal during the lockdown.

The tour was later shared to Kensington Royal’s Twitter account.

The charity’s work is considered vital during the lockdown period, as many struggle with relapsing during a time of great stress.

Action on Addiction’s CEO explained to the Duchess that the results of a national YouGov poll indicated that addictive behaviours are rising as a result of the pandemic.

The poll also found that as many as a quarter of UK adults may be drinking more as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

So too did it reveal that 39 percent of participants with a history of addiction have reported a recurrence of their addictive behaviour or have recently relapsed while in recovery.

The Duchess said: “The worrying thing is, it is all those people who aren’t necessarily reaching out who are struggling, who perhaps don’t feel they can reach out.

“Or the fact that maybe they haven’t realised that addictive behaviours have sort of established, particularly if it’s the first time – and it’s those people who aren’t necessarily being vocal about it.

“It’s making sure that they know they can reach out and that you are here to help and support them in this very difficult time.”

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