Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie: Mum Sarah Ferguson lifts lid on daughters’ youth

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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were the last two of Queen Elizabeth II’s adult grandchildren to marry. Both have now established lives with their other halves, but their childhood made a return during the coronavirus pandemic. Sarah Ferguson has spent the lockdown recording content for children, and in doing so, provided some insight into their past.

The princesses grew up on the Royal Lodge estate in Windsor, Prince Andrew’s residence.

He still shares the house with his ex-wife, who spent the lockdown on the property recording videos for “Fergie and Friends”.

Her daily readings for children have revealed the inside of her daughter’s former home.

She most recently whipped up a batch of pancakes in a kitchen decked head to toe with restaurant-quality stainless steel appliances.

The industrial design of the kitchen, the residence’s second, seemed geared towards catering for large events.

These could include royal weddings and other gatherings the royals might have at the house.

The kit suggests the young Princesses enjoyed a childhood attending lavish events guided by attendants, despite their lack of claim to the throne.

The Duchess of York also revealed another unseen space in the home.

In another Storytime with Fergie and Friends, she showed her viewers how to pick flowers in the garden.

The Duchess revealed a wooded patio area with a table and chairs, framed with a wooden fence and dotted with green and lilac plants.

A gravel path behind her opens up to a field, making for a perfect children’s play area.

She also shared pictures of both of her daughters sitting on personal swings as they read books for the camera, each emblazoned with their names.

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While she didn’t reveal how long the family has had the swings, the Princesses may have also used these as children.

The Duchess’ videos gave a uniquely personal insight as to what her daughters would have done at the property while children.

Princess Eugenie also spent some of the lockdown on the property with her husband, Jack Brooksbank.

Her mother spoke about spending time with her during the lockdown after having “not seen her much”.

She told the Darlton Harris podcast: “During this lockdown period I’ve really loved spending more time with Eugenie and Jack.

“My daughter got married to Jack in, oh goodness, was it last October? No, it was October before, heavens!

“And so, of course, once she’s gone to get married they live away.

“So, I haven’t seen her so much and so now it’s been a total joy to spend real quality time with her.”

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