Monday, 4 Jul 2022

Princess Anne ‘sees straight through’ Meghan Markle – psychic makes bold claim

Meghan and Harry excluded from Jubilee celebrations

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The late Duke of Edinburgh was reportedly furious when Prince Harry and Meghan announced they were stepping down as working royals. Now, Real Wives of Cheshire Star Ms Davies claims his daughter could “see through” Meghan when she married into The Royal Family.

Ms Davies claims she does not need to speak to Princess Anne as she “gives everything she thinks away” on her face.

Ms Davies said: “Princess Anne is fabulous, she just gives everything that she thinks away on her face.

“She doesn’t need to say anything, you can see it in her eyes. You take one look at her and you can see what she’s thinking, she’s totally transparent.”

Speaking to The Daily Star, she added: “Princess Anne is just like her dad was, Prince Philip could see straight through Meghan Markle.

“He could see her for what she is and so could I, on their wedding day I just sat there shaking my head.

“I was stood there saying ‘This is a complete and utter disaster waiting to happen’.”

The TV psychic, who is said to have predicted both the death of Prince Phillip and the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, said that Meghan had some nerve criticising The Royal Family and then coming to the UK for Jubilee celebrations.

She said: “She has balls of steel, she can sit on that sofa with Oprah and say everything she’s said about the Royal Family then arrive in this country to take part in the Jubilee celebrations, that’s some brass neck that is.”

The news comes following somewhat muted appearances by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this month.

Although the couple did attend two of the main events over the Jubilee weekend, they maintained a low profile and seemed to have left before celebrations had finished.

Prince Harry was also noticeably distant from his brother Prince William and his father Prince Charles amid an ongoing feud within The Royal Family.

The interactions led Royal commentator Angela Mollard to tell Sunrise that the brothers were “more apart” than ever.

She said: “They didn’t get any interaction with the royals. William and Harry are more apart than ever.”

She also said that the couple using a private jet to fly back to California made for some “not so great” optics.

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She said: “Harry was criticised in 2019 for this, it’s now happening again.

“At the time, he said he was going to fly 99 percent of the time commercial and the only time he would fly via private jet was to protect the safety of his children.

“What’s that like to the rest of us? We get on commercial airlines and we’re not protecting the safety of our children?

“Look, it just doesn’t speak well and it’s not a great end to the Jubilee celebrations.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly were able to introduce their daughter Lilibet Diana to the Queen at Windsor after she said that she would not attend several Jubilee events due to mobility issues.

However, no pictures were taken of the two together at that reported meeting.

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