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Prince William calms Kate in rare yet ‘absolutely adorable’ couple moment

Prince William jokes with Kate in unseen engagement interview

Princess Kate and Prince William have gone viral on social media after a rarely seen “cute” moment of the pair resurfaced.

Both Kate and William celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary this year after marrying in 2011, but the royal couple got engaged in November 2010 while on a vacation with friends in Kenya.

They announced their engagement a few weeks later and then sat down for their first-ever joint interview on November 16. It was also Kate’s first time speaking to the public in an official capacity, and one of her longest interviews to date.

In the interview, Kate described William asking for her hand in marriage as a “total shock” when the time came. She said: “There’s a true romantic in there.”

However, a private moment between the royal couple that was taken before the interview began appears to showcase what Willaim and Kate are like together as a couple in their personal lives.

In a viral video that has exploded in popularity this week, Kate is shown speaking to the interviewer before she knows the cameras were rolling. Kate asked: “Can I move the cushion?”

The Princess then held up one of the plush cushions while sitting forward, showing she is readying herself to begin the engagement interview.

William then laughs and smiles at Kate trying to get organised. He then jokingly replied: “Get comfortable, we could be here a while!”

A little while afterwards William can be seen jokingly telling Kate “and breathe!” as it appears the Princess is a little nervous.

Kate then said: “I’m not very good at that!” while throwing her head back in laughter and placing her hand on William’s knees while giggling.

The small intimate moment shows William helping Kate relax during what may have been a stressful time as it was her first royal interview, and also showed that the Princess takes her position seriously while also being able to be lighthearted.

A clip of this moment between Kate and William has gained popularity on TikTok in the last few days with over 100,000 views.

In the video comment section, people praised the royal couple for their ability to have fun while in the public eye.

One user said: “Cute! Rarely see these kind of moments.”

Another person said: “[They’re] absolutely adorable together.”

Someone else commented: “Such a nice beautiful couple.”

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