Thursday, 29 Jul 2021

Prince Harry ‘determined to blow up remaining bridges’ with Royal Family rages Brazier

Prince Harry is running out of bombshells says Colin Brazier

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Prince Harry has been savaged by GB News’s Colin Brazier over plans to write a tell-all biography recalling life as a senior royal. Mr Brazier raged against Harry’s decision to pen the memoirs during a fiery monologue on Tuesday night. The GB News Presenter slammed the Prince by weighing up the Duke of Sussex’s recent media antics against the recently published obituary of a 100-year-old WW2 RAF ace named Benny Goodman.

Mr Brazier said: “What an antidote Squadron Leader Goodman’s story is to the self-promotion, Windsor-bashing and muck-raking of Captain Wales, whose memoirs Goodman put his life repeatedly on the line for the King.

“The Duke of Sussex won’t put a sock in his mouth for the Queen.”

He continued: “Goodman hit targets all over Germany for the legendary Dambusters.

“The Duke is getting ready to release truth-bombs from his base in California.

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“Goodman, a life-long opponent of antisemitism, tried to kill Hitler in an air-raid against his Bavarian ‘Eagle’s Nest’.

“Harry, who once dressed as a Nazi at a fancy dress party, caused his own firestorm by making unverifiable accusations of royal racism.

“Goodman’s Lancaster carried the biggest bomb ever flown by the RAF, destroying the Arnsberg Viaduct with one.”

The GB News host added: “Harry, having revived hopes for a royal reconciliation when he and his brother unveiled a statue to their late mother, now seems determined to blow up any remaining bridges with his family.

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“Goodman kept a stiff upper lip Harry’s embraced psychobabble.

“Goodman was a private man, the Duke demands privacy…. and then agrees to collaborate with what his publisher is calling an intimate and heartfelt memoir.

“But the Duke of Sussex has a problem, and it’s one Benny Goodman would understand.

“Harry is flying too high. He’s hooked on the oxygen of publicity. To make an impact, his bombshells have to get bigger and more explosive. Eventually, there’ll be no disclosures left. The bomb racks will be empty. The culture war that Harry and Meghan have signed up to fight will have moved on to battles anew.”


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It comes as  royal expert Daniela Elser that Meghan and Harry’s lucrative TV deals may dry up when the “novelty” of being royals “wears off.”

Writing for, she said: “When the Sussexes do start unveiling their slate of TV and podcasting projects they will get one shot; that is, one chance to impress audiences and make their mark either in terms of steaming figures or critical plaudits.

When the novelty and the lustre of working with members of the royal family wears off, if they don’t have streaming counts or a clutch of awards to show for themselves, then will their contracts be renewed?

“Essentially, they will have a brief window to prove they are worth the hundreds of millions that corporate behemoths have bet on them.”

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