Sunday, 5 Feb 2023

Prince Harry ‘addicted’ to looking up stories about Meghan Markle

Prince Harry slams ‘campaign’ by royals to ‘undermine’ his book

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Prince Harry admitted he would look up stories written about wife Meghan Markle at the start of their relationship during an interview on US television. During his appearance on The Late Show, Harry said he spent too much time on the internet as he condemned the press in his book Spare and Netflix documentary. The Duke has been doing a media tour since the release of his book on Tuesday.

Harry told Stephen Colbert: “The way that I look at it now, I was obsessed. I was specifically looking for stories about my wife so that I could educate myself on the opinions that were happening, and things that were being said, so that I could try to fix it.

“Now, for me, I have weaned myself off that, because I was slightly addicted to it. And now I have a digital diet. And as much I worry about what I put in my mouth, I worry about what I put through my eyes as well.

“And my life is so much better for it.”

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