Saturday, 24 Oct 2020

Prince Harry accused of ‘putting cash before duty’ after stepping back from Royal Family

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Prince Harry, 36, moved to California after announcing he would be stepping down as senior royal in January and becoming financially independent. In that time, he and Meghan Markle, 39, have signed an elusive Netflix deal worth an estimated $250million (£190million). But royal commentator Dan Wootton said the deal means he “put cash before royal duty”.

Speaking to True Royalty TV, Mr Wootton said: “Harry has sold his right now to have a problem with people commercialising The Royal Family, commercialising his mother because that’s what he’s done.

“And I do think it’s sad.

“But at the end of the day, Harry is his own man.

“I think he has put duty to one side in exchange for cash and it’s not something that I will personally celebrate.

“Especially when you look at all of the good work he did do with the Invictus Games in the past.”

Mr Wootton also warned the couple against any programs about Princess Diana as part of their deal with Netflix because it would upset Prince William and strain the relationship further.

He said: “We already hear there is a consideration for a program on Princess Diana.

“That will very much upset Prince William because remember when they did that landmark ITV and BBC series to mark the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

“They were very clear that was going to draw a line under it. That was it, there was no more.

“They felt they had said everything they had to say about their mother and the death of their mother and they plan to move on in terms of any televisions projects.

“If Harry and Meghan go against that and make a program on Diana for Netflix, I think that will only throw salt in the wounds of the already very, very fundamentally damaged relationship between William and Harry.”


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His comments come as ITV’s royal correspondent Chris Ship has argued Netflix is likely to want Meghan and Harry on screen in some of its programs.

Speaking on ITV’s Royal rota, Mr Ship said: “I doubt that Netflix would have handed over quite so many millions of pounds to Harry and Meghan had they not agreed to at least be on show in some of its programming that they’re making.”

Producer Lizzie Robinson added: “They do a lot of important work but the draw of Harry and Meghan is themselves.

“People want to hear from them and see them. Netflix will want their money’s worth from Harry and Meghan. Their pound of flesh.”

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