Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Prince Charles’s emotional admission to son Prince Harry – ‘It makes me very proud’

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Prince Charles, 71, and Prince Harry’s, 35, father-son relationship outwardly seems to be a formal one dictated by their status within the Royal Family. However, back in December 2017, Charles made an emotional admission to his son Harry who was interviewing him for a special addition of the BBC’s Today Programme.

As a working member of the Royal Family, Prince Harry received his funding from Prince Charles.

Following Harry and Meghan’s step down as senior royals it is understood that Charles will continue to support them while they work to become financially independent.

New book Finding Freedom by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand examines Meghan and Harry’s brief stint as working royals and their unprecedented withdrawal from the fold.

According to sources quoted in the book, money was a source of tension between, Prince Harry, Prince William and their father as the brothers would compete to secure funding for projects.

Charles’s relationship with his sons was described as tense at times as he was in the difficult position of being both their father and their boss.

Mr Scobie and Ms Durand write: “Prince Charles, who funds many of his own public, charitable and private activities through the revenues of his private estate, the Duchy of Cornwall ‘controlled the purse strings’ which also caused some issues between William and Harry.

“The brothers sometimes had to vie for additional funds for projects from their father, who also helped cover expenses related to Camilla and some of those for his sons (including Kate and Meghan’s wardrobes).

“‘They actually genuinely have to debate who gets what amount of money from their father to fund their projects’, an aide said. “Add in the fact that there is an inherent hierarchy and that is really tricky.’”

However, as well as shedding light on this tricky dynamic the unofficial biography also touched on a more tender moment between Charles and Harry.

On December 27, 2017, Prince Harry interviewed his father as part of his guest-edit of the BBC’s Today Programme.

During the interview Charles’s made an emotional admission to Harry.

Mr Scobie and Ms Durand write: “For the December 27 radio show, the prince also featured another important guest: the Prince of Wales, his father.”


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The book conitnues: “Listeners were treated to a more tender side of Harry’s relationship with his father, which had been prerecorded.

“‘What I’ve tried to do all these years is ensure that you and that your children, my grandchildren, also everyone else’s grandchildren, have a world fit to live in’, the future king said.

“I totally see it and I totally understand it because of all these years of conversations that we’ve been having.

“I do end end up picking your brains more now than I’ve ever done’, Harry replied.”

Prince Charles was clearly deeply touched by Harry’s response as he replied in a very personal manner.

Charles said: “Well darling boy, it makes me very proud to think that you understand.”

Prince Harry joked: “That I’m listening?” to which Charles responded: ‘Well, that’s even more amazing.”

Meghan Markle and Harry have settled in the USA with their son Archie Harrison and it is not clear when Charles will next get to see them or his grandson.

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