Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Prince Andrew’s ‘public disgrace is permanent’ says expert

Prince Harry ‘takes the heat off’ Prince Andrew says Lorraine

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King Charles should not return any of Prince Andrew’s royal titles, according to a public relations expert. Roz Sheldon, Managing Director of Igniyte, a specialist PR agency said that, despite Virginia Giuffre withdrawing an allegation of sexual abuse against US lawyer Alan Dershowitz, the Duke’s “disgrace is permanent”.

According to Ms Sheldon, the payment of an out of court settlement to Ms Giuffre was too “distasteful” for the British public and the Duke needed to be “reined in” to preserve the creditability and image of the Firm.

She said: “King Charles cannot, and I strongly suspect, will not, grant Prince Andrew any royal titles back.

“There has been too many dents into the institutions reputation and the organisation must re-build consumer (public) trust by just focusing on getting on with the mission-driven impact stuff that should always be front and centre of their public perception strategy.

“Take the recent Wind Farm profits for public good initiative from the King – this is excellent and this type of activity that should be the only focus and communication from the Royal Family.

“Reinstating Prince Andrew in any fashion negates from this and it should not happen. Charles has held firm so far, and that is advised in the eyes of the public.

“As for Andrew – his personal reputation and credibility as a state figure will struggle to ever be realistically improved.

“Even with the plot-turn at the back end of last year – with Virginia Robert admitting she made a mistake in her accusations against another Epstein-related associate (she has dropped them) – Andrew’s public disgrace is permanent.

“He won’t win any hearts and minds despite announcements he is launching a ‘fightback’ PR strategy.

“The payment of an out-of-court settlement to end the public sex assault case is too distasteful for the UK public to ever forget meaningfully.

“Again, let’s tie this into an over-arching PR or reputation management strategy.

“If Andrew wants to pursue business interests with the Royal Family – does his name really need to be on it?”

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She continued: “It detracts credibility and the public approach form the Royal Family needs to be managed unilaterally and Andrew needs to be reined in from public life.”

In January 2022, Andrew was stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages with the approval of his mother, the late Queen.

This came three months before the 62-year-old agreed to pay a financial settlement to his accuser Virginia Giuffre, which formally agreed to the end of a civil case brought against him in the US.

The out-of-court settlement accepted no liability and Andrew has always strongly rejected claims of wrongdoing.

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