Saturday, 28 Nov 2020

Pony dies in front of rescuers after being brutally beaten 'by teenagers'

A pony has died with horrific injuries after allegedly being brutally beaten by a gang of teenagers.

Jenna, a small grey pony thought to be only three years old, was found with ‘lumps all over her body’ and ‘her face swollen’ in West Dublin on Sunday.

She passed away in the early hours of Monday morning in front of her rescuers who had stayed up all night desperately trying to save her life.

People in the Clondalkin area reportedly called police after seeing a young child being ‘very aggressive’ on Jenna’s back on Saturday evening.

A boy aged ‘about 15 or 16’ is then said to have ‘beaten her on the back and on the side’ in a despicable attack.

Volunteers from local charity My Lovely Horse Rescue (MLHR) went out to search for the injured animal when she was spotted in Adamstown, near the Grand Canal, by a man out walking.

The ‘really weak’ animal was found in the early hours of Sunday morning in a grove, her body covered in bumps and bruises and her head low.

MLHR co-founder Martina Kenny told Dublin Live: ‘We didn’t think it at first but she had been beaten badly, when we got back to the van we had the vet waiting for her, and he said she’s been beaten really badly, and from couple of the cuts that she did have, she could have septicemia.’

Jenna was put on a drip and given antibiotics by the vet before her rescuers divided the night into hourly shifts to take care of her.

The pony was finding it difficult to breathe and became restless and agitated around 1am, before she lay her head on a bed of straw and died.

Martina said: ‘We called the vet, but by the time he got there she had died already. She died very peacefully.

‘She was only about three years old, and she shouldn’t have died. It’s just insane.’

The vet has confirmed Jenna’s injuries were consistent with being trampled.

MLHR is now calling for her attackers to be found and held accountable for their heinous crime.

My Lovely Horse Rescue is currently appealing for donations for vets bills on GoFundMe.

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