Friday, 8 Dec 2023

‘People say I’m selfish but I don’t want to be a mum and lose £9K a year’

A young couple from Manchester are saving a massive £9,000 each year by choosing not to have kids – they’re splashing out on four holidays every year instead.

Jenni Hill, 33, and her partner Bob have made the decision not to become parents after seeing the challenges of parenthood.

She said: “I had a plan I thought I’d get married at 28, have a baby at 29 and live happily ever after but by aged 28 to 29 I started to change my mind.”

She added: “Life was only just getting to a place I wanted it to be I’m not ready. Seeing my friends become mums, it made me realise how hard being a mum is.

“I see how much they struggle – I don’t think I could handle that. I don’t think I could sacrifice everything else if I became a mum.”

After doing some maths, Jenni found out she’s saving around £9,000 annually by not having a child.

“It feels like I have an extra £9k to spent on what I want,” she expressed. “I want to enjoy my money and celebrate it.”

Jenni, who didn’t travel much in her 20s, now relishes jetting off as often as possible, taking three or four holidays a year with her boyfriend.

“It’s really nice,” she shared. “There are no responsibilities. We can be quite spontaneous. We have freedom and I have the money to do that.”

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With big career goals to expand her business, Jenni also plans to buy a larger home and save for retirement. She admitted finding it hard to understand how parents manage to balance careers with childcare.

The 33-year-old hasn’t completely dismissed the idea of having children in the future, but currently, she’s unsure how they would fit into her life or how she could afford them without making sacrifices.

She confessed: “If I had a child I would need to spend all my money on them. For me the motherhood penalty it would have a hard impact on me.”

“There is no way we could afford to get married, have kids and buy a house.”

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Despite some online critics labelling her “selfish” for not wanting children, Jenni insists she wants to promote a positive perspective on choosing not to have kids.

“I can shape my day around what I want to do,” she explained. “Some days I don’t get up until 9am. If I had a child my life schedule would be dictated by them.”

“I’m celebrating being child-free. Celebrate a different choice.”

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