Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023

People are only just realising the truth about how sliced ham is made

A video has been shared online showing luncheon meat being turned from a pink blob into slices of ham.

The clip, which appears to be from inside a food factory, has made viewers question what they eat and how it is prepared.

A TikTok user with the name Tantie shared the footage – which Express.co.uk has not been able to verify – and captioned her post, “I don’t want to believe this”.

The video starts with a view of a large pot of pink stuff which looks like strawberry ice-cream and a factory worker scraping it into a yellow tub.

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The contents are then divided and measured into loaf-shaped baking tins by the worker, who is dressed in a blue overall, white apron and face mask.

Next the tins are slammed onto a work surface to knock out the air inside the mixture and flatten them before they are put inside an oven.

Once cooked, the mix is removed from the oven, having turned a brown colour through baking.

Each individual tin’s contents is then emptied into a machine which cuts the “joint” into slices of ham.

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One disgusted TikTok user commented: “At this point I can’t eat anything anymore.”

Another replied: “I give up. I’m just going to be hungry.”

A third wrote: “What in the Ghostbusters pink slime surprise is that?”

While a fourth said: “I thought it was frosting, then ice cream, then bread, then this.”

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