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Only those with the sharpest eyesight can solve this brainteaser

This back-to-school brainteaser has been deviously devised to challenge parents as well as children and only the most hawk-eyed may be able to solve it in seconds.

With the summer holidays still in full-swing it might be worth stretching some mental muscles ready for the fast-approaching school term.

Here’s a brainteaser to try against the kids when you’ve got a moment away from time relaxing on that hard-earned sunbed by the pool.

Experts from distance learning provider Oxbridge have cunningly put together this mind-boggling challenge which can test both adults and children.

Their brand new brainteaser dedicated to school supplies challenges people to find the hidden ‘A’ in a sea of orange, green and blue notebooks, pencils and paper clips.

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As a clue, it’s best to keep in mind the letter A that is the same colour as some of the notebooks.

But don’t expect top marks just yet, have you thought the letter could be hidden perhaps, behind a writing implement or textbook?

Scroll down for the solution below and remember you might need your glasses to take a really good look at the image.

Well done if you found it – this one wasn’t exactly easy to contend with.

As well as studying and play, parents can help their children prepare for their return to the classroom in a range of ways. BBC children’s channel CBBC has some top tips.

The children’s broadcaster recommends making sure sleeping patterns are back to normal after the excitment of the holidays, and it says it’s a good idea to prep school uniform and school bag the night before a child goes to lessons.

Other tips include making sure pupils have a healthy meal and plenty of water and to let a child know they might have a new teacher this year and to be patient.

Two more suggestions include telling your child not to be worried about asking questions, and to stress it’s important they be themselves and are friendly to others.

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