Thursday, 29 Jul 2021

‘Not King of the Castle yet!’ Kate and Will need to ensure George doesn’t become ‘lunatic’

Prince George: Expert discusses 'harsh' criticism of royal

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Prince George, seven, captured the hearts of the nation on Sunday night, as he attended the Euro 2020 final at Wembley stadium. The young royal was ecstatic when England scored the opening goal in just the second minute of the match, and he looked equally disappointed when the Three Lions failed to win the penalty shootout. Commenting on his recent public appearances, as the young royal attended an earlier round, an expert has said Kate and William are trying to ensure George stays down-to-earth.

Duncan Larcombe told OK! his parents are trying to prevent the newfound interest in the youngster from going to his head and turning him into “a complete lunatic”.

The expert said: “Although Prince George might be future King of the Castle, he’s not King of the Castle yet.

“He’s not Little Lord Fauntleroy.

“He’s a rascal (almost) eight-year-old – full of mischief and always playing tricks and pranks on his younger sister and brother.”

The royal expert added it must be difficult for Kate and William to explain to his son that he will one day become King and bear the responsibilities of the British monarchy.

Mr Larcombe said: “How will Kate explain to George that he is the handsome prince and one of the characters in a real life fairytale?

“They will have to explain the extraordinary circumstances he’s been born into and hope as a result his head doesn’t pop and he doesn’t become a complete lunatic, as has happened to some members of his family.”

George experienced a wealth of emotions as he watched England narrowly lose out to Italy in the Euro final on Sunday night.

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The seven-year-old was beside himself with joy when Luke Shaw scored for England early on in the match.

George celebrated with his parents, with Kate seen to give the excited royal a hug.

Royal fans were delighted to see a normal side to the monarchy, as the trio all seemed genuinely ecstatic at the sight of the goal.

One person wrote on Twitter: “The true happiness of Prince George is what we all [are] feeling [right now].”

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Commenting on this, Mr Larcombe said: “Until now, almost everything we’ve seen of George has been exactly what Kate and William have wanted us to see.

“But seeing him at the football, acting like an excited kid, was lovely, especially as he didn’t appear to have the weight of the world on his shoulders.”

The young royal once again wore a matching outfit with his father as he cheered on England on Sunday night.

They both wore a smart navy-blue suit for the final, with a blue shirt and striped tie.

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