Sunday, 9 Aug 2020

Nicola Sturgeon’s independence plot dismantled by Gove – ‘focus on your FAILURES’

Nicola Sturgeon was denied a second referendum on Scottish independence as Boris Johnson is urging her to work with him to “bring the whole of the United Kingdom together”. Michael Gove reiterated Mr Johnson’s point as he said another referendum would “disrespect the first result”. The Duchy of Lancaster added Ms Sturgeon needs to focus on her “failing Government”.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Gove said: “The First Minister has applied for an order saying she wants to have a referendum.

“But we’ve already had a referendum and she and Alex Salmond both agreed that the referendum on Scotland’s place in the UK would be a once in a generation event.

“It would be wrong to disrespect the result of that referendum and to have a series of referendums which is what Nicola Sturgeon wants.

“We’re saying no, Nicola, concentrate on the day job because the Scottish Government is failing when it comes to education, health, transport and crime.

“It’s really important people across the UK know that those in office are concentrating on the important issues that matter to people everyday.”

The Prime Minister posted a copy of the letter he sent to the SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister on his Twitter page.

He wrote alongside this: “Today I have written to Nicola Sturgeon. The Scottish people voted decisively to keep our United Kingdom together, a result which both the Scottish and UK Governments committed to respect.

“Let’s make 2020 a year of growth and opportunity for the whole of the UK.”

Ms Sturgeon responded on Twitter: “Tories are terrified of Scotland’s right to choose – because they know that when given the choice we’ll choose independence”.

“Tories have no positive case for the union – so all they can do is attempt to deny democracy. It will not stand.”

Responding to Mr Johnson via Twitter, the SNP leader said: “The problem for the Tories is the longer they try to block democracy, the more they show the Westminster union is not one of equals and fuel support for independence.

“This response (is) predictable – but also unsustainable and self-defeating. Scotland will have the right to choose.”


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Ms Sturgeon has been criticised over her demand for a second referendum on Scottish independence, with one person telling her to “get on with the day job!”

One Twitter user stated: “The Prime Minister is doing the right thing.

“Education and health need serious attention in Scotland and you’ve neglected both sectors for far too long with your obsession with independence. Get on with the day job, Nicola!”

The original referendum on Scottish independence saw Scotland vote 55 percent to 45 percent in favour of remaining in the United Kingdom.

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