Thursday, 7 Dec 2023

‘My neighbours chopped down their own trees – now they’re angry at me’

A fuming local is trying to determine whether they’re being unreasonable after complaining about a neighbour who chopped down their trees.

The person, given the username Wordsworse on Mumsnet, says their neighbour became upset after chopping down the trees in their own back garden.

The trees had been covering up random items stuffed down the side of Wordswore’s garage.

In response, the neighbour ended up doing something that enraged Wordsore, triggering them to write the post on the Mumsnet forum “Am I being unreasonable?”

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They wrote: “They [neighbours] are now unhappy with the fact they can see the stuff stored down the side of my garage.

“So they’ve moved all the stuff to the back of my garage. Without asking me.

“I can now see their hideous 1970s house whereas before I could see fir trees in which the Goldcrests gathered.

“I’m toying with what I can put down the side of my garage. What about one of those blow-up bendy balloon men they have outside some businesses? I wouldn’t be able to see it.”

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Dozens of people responded to the post, suggesting the neighbour was in the wrong.

One person wrote: “Move your stuff back and tell them not to trespass again. Cheeky f*****s.

Another added: “Move the stuff back where it was, definitely. If they wanted their delicate eyes shielded from having to see onto your property they should have thought of that before chopping down the trees. 

“They can put up a fence or plant something else but they don’t get to dictate where you keep things on your land.”

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