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Mum sues hospital after her baby was 'decapitated' during childbirth

A mother in Georgia is suing a hospital and her OBGYN, claiming the doctor decapitated her baby during delivery.

Jessica Ross, a 20-year-old mother from Riverdale, Georgia, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday claiming that Dr Tracey St Julian applied too much pressure while delivering her baby.

The suit also claims that Southern Regional Medical Center lied to Ross and her boyfriend, Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr, about the circumstances of their son’s death and never reported it to the proper authorities.

‘This is one of the most sad, egregious, and horrific situations that I’ve ever seen,’ their attorney Dr Roderick Edmond said at a press conference on Wednesday.

‘They were so excited about the birth of their first child,’ Taylor’s attorney Cory Lynch said. ‘Unfortunately, their dreams and hopes turned into a nightmare that was covered up by Southern Regional Medical Center.’

The suit names the hospital, Dr St Julian, and the delivery room nurses.

According to the lawsuit, Ross was diagnosed with diabetes last year and her pregnancy was considered ‘high risk.’ However, she

Ross went into labor around 10.00am on July 9. After 10 hours of labor, she was fully dilated, but her son’s shoulders became trapped in the vaginal canal.

‘The baby’s shoulder’s could not fit through the pelvic girdle, and got stuck by the bone there,’ Dr Edmond said. ‘What wound up happening after that is just brutal.’

Dr Edmond continued: ‘Dr St Julian came in, and in the process of trying to deliver this baby pulled on the baby’s head and neck so hard that the bones in the baby’s skull, face, and neck were broken.’

Dr St Julian then ordered an emergency C-section, but it was too late.

‘When the womb was opened, the feet came out and the body came out. And there was no head,’ Dr Edmond said. ‘The head was stuck in the vagina, and was subsequently delivered vaginally. The baby had been decapitated.’

According to Dr Edmond, who practiced medicine for 30 years before becoming a medical malpractice lawyer, the obstetrician was ‘grossly negligent’ for not requesting help from the hospital’s obstetrician immediately.

Ross and Taylor demanded to see their child after he was born, but were only allowed to view him behind glass.

‘When they wrapped this baby up tightly, they propped the baby’s head up on top of the blanket, to make it appear that the head was actually attached when it wasn’t,’ Dr Edmond said.

According to the suit, the hospital then discouraged Ross from getting an autopsy performed on her son, and encouraged the young couple to have their son cremated instead of being sent to a funeral home.

‘They also did not report the death to the authorities of Clayton County, or the Clayton County Medical Examiner. This report was made by a funeral home,’ their attorney Corey Lynch said on Wednesday.

‘It wasn’t until then that Dr St Julian told the family what actually happened,’ Lynch said. According to the attorneys, the doctor waited four days to explain what happened to the grieving parents.

The child’s death is now being investigated by local police.

Southern Regional Medical Center denied the allegations, but offered its ‘heartfelt thoughts and prayers’ to Ross and Taylor.

They stated they could not comment on treatment decisions, citing the healthcare privacy legislation.

The hospital also noted that Dr St Julian is not an employee, rather a private practice physician. The hospital also said they were taking ‘appropriate steps’ after the incident.

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