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Mum slams KFC after delivery of raw chicken wings she nearly fed to son

A mum was left furious when she peeled back her KFC chicken wings and found them to be bright pink.  

AJ Mulgrew ordered the takeaway on Just Eat from her local KFC in Coatbridge, just outside Glasgow. 

She had been isolating in her home because of Covid, so decided to get a delivery as she couldn’t go out to get ingredients to cook. 

Describing the meal to Glasgow Live as she first saw it, she said “it looked a bit disappointing” and initially thought she’d “had better but it doesn’t merit a refund”. Relieved, she explained, “the hot wings were left to last and thank goodness they were”.

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AJ usually lets her one-year-old son have a bite of whatever she’s eating, and it was only when they peeled some off for him that they realised how raw the chicken was. 

“I picked the chicken off the bone and my partner said it looked a bit pink. I kept peeling bit by bit off to see if it was [just] one dodgy one but they were all like that”. 

“Thank God I didn’t give any to [my son]. No kid should ingest the food that was delivered to my home. 

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“If he had eaten that it was a hospital visit straight away. I was really shocked. They were immediately chucked in the bin.”  

AJ has contacted KFC’s complaints email and Twitter page but is yet to hear back. She also claims other people have similar stories to tell about the Coatbank Street KFC branch. 

“Once I’m well enough I’m considering going to the local health officer to ask for a food standards check. A whole load of people have said the same happened to them.

“I don’t know if it’s a site-specific issue but I’m never going back. I will never eat chicken from KFC again”.  

While AJ did receive a refund, she wants the focus to be on helping improve families’ wariness of potentially dangerous food from “takeaways or out and about”. 

KFC has been approached for comment.

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