Monday, 19 Oct 2020

Meghan Markle looks ‘more trustworthy’ than the Queen – expert explains why

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Researchers from PSL Research University scanned faces in portraits with an algorithm to assess their apparent trustworthiness. The Duchess of Sussex, the Queen and Elizabeth I were among those compared in the study.

Meghan was one and a half times more trustworthy than the Queen, according to researchers.

And the study found that Prince Harry’s wife appeared three and a half times more trustworthy than Elizabeth I.

Author Nicolas Baumard told the Daily Mail: “It is possible that Megan Markle is not a trustworthy person, but on average her appearance in her portrait makes her look trustworthy.

“This is probably a quality that is very important to her, probably more than Queen Elizabeth I who does not smile in her portraits.”

The research found that trustworthiness in portraits has increased in the last 500 years.

The study said: “Social trust is linked to a host of positive societal outcomes, including improved economic performance, lower crime rates and more inclusive institutions.

“Yet, the origins of trust remain elusive, partly because social trust is difficult to document in time.

“Building on recent advances in social cognition, we design an algorithm to automatically generate trustworthiness evaluations for the facial action units of European portraits in large historical databases.

“Our results show that trustworthiness in portraits increased over the period 1500–2000 paralleling the decline of interpersonal violence and the rise of democratic values observed in Western Europe.

“Further analyses suggest that this rise of trustworthiness displays is associated with increased living standards.”

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As part of the study, 1,962 paintings from the National Portrait Gallery from 1505 to 2016 were scanned.

Some 4,106 portraits were also analysed from the Web Gallery of Art.

The research was published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications.

It comes as Meghan is starting a new life in the US with Harry after the Sussexes quit as working members of the Royal Family earlier this year.

They are living in a mansion in California with their one-year-old son Archie.

Meghan and Harry ended royal duties on March for personal and financial freedom in America.

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