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Meghan Markle ‘intense and emotional’ as she sends powerful message at event

Harry and Meghan speak on mental health

Meghan Markle displayed key body language signs suggesting she was delivering “an emotional and quite intense message” during an event alongside Prince Harry in New York.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended Archewell Foundation Parents’ Summit as part of Project Healthy Minds’ World Mental Health Day Festival.

It was their first joint appearance in New York City for six months following their “near catastrophic car chase” with paparazzi after attending the Women of Vision awards in May.

Body language expert Judi James studied Meghan’s body language during her speech at the event in the city on Tuesday, where she sat on stage alongside Harry.

She told The Mirror: “Meghan sits holding a mic to make her comments here but her wide-eyed, raised brow facial expression and her raised hand with its splayed fingers suggest an emotional and quite intense message.

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“Her cocked thumb suggests she is happy and keen to make her contribution at what seems to have been an emotional event.”

James said the couple “sported their signature hand clasp” as they made their way to the event surrounded by police escorts.

The Sussexes have also seemingly taken up an “informal bonding ritual” aimed at making it easier for them to interact with the public while also showing a united front.

The body language expert continued: “The couple sported their signature hand clasp here with Harry leading Meghan into the event, although their fingers in the clasp look relaxed rather than tightly bound or meshed, suggesting a more informal bonding ritual that might be easier to break for handshakes.”

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James said during the couple’s visit to the Marcy Lab school in the city, which saw Harry talk to students about mental health, the Sussexes came across as “a couple of proud parents on open day”.

She added: “Harry and Meghan are seen posing in a classroom, watching the action with rather anxious but delighted beaming smiles on their faces.

“They are non-tactile with each other here, suggesting less emphasis on themselves as a romantic couple and more spotlight on the students.

“In the group photo, a similar look seems to apply. Dressed in casuals to fit in with the group, Meghan is leaning in towards the woman next to her and mirroring her body language pose while Harry sits grinning beside her.”

But Meghan and Harry have been furiously branded “hypocrites” after taking a gas-guzzling seven-car convoy around a single block to attend the event in New York City.

The eco-conscious couple left a garage near the Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards as they made their way to the World Mental Health Day Festival.

They took a left turn on 33rd Street in accordance with the one-way street only to end up at another garage 200ft up the road, according to MailOnline Their huge convoy of blacked-out SUVs was flanked by NYPD escorts on the streets of Manhattan.

The Sussexes appeared to be taking a series of stringent steps to boost safety as it was their first joint appearance in the city for six months since the “near catastrophic car chase” with paparazzi.

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