Friday, 18 Jun 2021

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘silence’ over new book exposes Sussexes secret plan

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s upcoming book, Finding Freedom, is expected to dive into the thoughts and feelings of the royal couple. The couple have denied direct involvement in the book as it was written by a group of royal commentators. Royal Rota hosts Lizzie Robinson and Chris Ship discussed the potential revelations the book will entail and the reasoning behind its publication.

Ms Robinson claimed the royal couple have been uncharacteristically quiet about the book which has hinted at the true reason why Meghan and Harry were not opposing it.

Ms Robinson said the book will act as an opportunity for Meghan and Harry to tell their version of events for multiple controversial moments during their time as working royals.

Mr Ship clarified that Meghan and Harry have sued other people for claims made about the royal couple.

He noted that with the upcoming book, of which they claim to have had little input in, they are choosing not to sue.

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Ms Robinson continued: “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don’t seem to have taken any issue with this book.

“The book is definitely trying to give their narrative and their version of events.

“Harry and Meghan are perhaps trying to set the record straight on stories that maybe haven’t put them in such a positive light.”

Ms Robinson added: “It is months since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been released from their roles as working members of the Royal Family and now when they have a problem with something they say something.”

The royal commentators also stated Harry and Meghan must have allowed the authors great access to their lives due to the level of detail in the book.

Ms Robinson said: “A lot of detail has gone into this book based on the extracts we have seen.

“A lot of personal detail which was given to friends to give to the authors or it is information that might have been gleaned over in background chat.

“Every extract is from conversations Meghan had on face time in the bath to when Harry first said I love you to her.

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“Also details from their first date, it is all very personal stuff.

“It is not from the horse’s mouth but it is from close to the horse’s mouth.”

The official UK release date of Harry and Meghan’s book is expected to be August 11 2020. 

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