Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Manhunt underway for ‘sick’ individuals who slashed horses

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A group of horses, which are homed in a paddock in Leeds, were reportedly attacked during the early hours of Saturday morning. The horses are said to have been stabbed, with the person responsible understood to still be at large.

Owners and witnesses believe the perpetrator “intended to kill” the animals, Leeds Live reports. Following the horror of the first incident, a second attack reportedly happened on Tuesday this week.

A spokesperson for UK Animal Cruelty Files (UACF) said: “Horses slashed repeatedly with a knife by a person unknown. The horses were attacked in their paddock in the early hours of Saturday. The nature of the wounds suggests that the intention was to kill the animals.

“One was found with a lace tied around her neck. If you have any information at all, please contact police on 101 quoting the crime reference number.”

Horrifying pictures show wounds on one of the horse’s necks – where a number of wounds were found, the horse’s back, and two on its side. One wounded horse had to have at least 10 stitches in its neck and is currently recovering from the “horrendous” incident.

Birstall-born Leeds resident and horse owner Tammy Render shared what happened to her horse. She said: “Please be aware my horse has been slashed at a yard in Farnley. A few horses have been deliberately hurt and have wounds that suggest they have been slashed/stabbed, with intent to kill.

“One [of the horses] had a lace tied around its neck – it is clear human malicious intent. This happened late last night and now we know. Tuesday as well.

“Please be vigilant around yards in the area. This is truly horrendous. Protect your horses! My horse is lucky to be still here.”

Tammy has since reported the incident to West Yorkshire Police. Flyers have been put around the Farnley area to warn horse owners of the incident, and many hope it will help catch the attacker.

The incident has shaken up many residents in the area. Jean Guild said: “That’s so sad poor horses hope they get caught soon.”

Lisa Reynolds added: “Just no words for these sick people how anyone can do this to any animal is beyond me I hope these horses are OK.”

Janice Elaine said: “That’s horrendous…hope the scourge of society is found and brought to justice! Absolutely heartbreaking.”

Margaret Paul Oakes said: “How could anybody be so cruel to these horses? The pain and distress they are in.”

Angela Tolson said: “Omg, that’s evil. They are not human, whoever did this. l hope horse makes a speedy recovery – the poor baby must have been so scared.”

West Yorkshire Police’s Wildlife and Rural Crime Unit said: “Fortunately, this type of crime is rare in West Yorkshire, but please get in touch if you have any information.”

West Yorkshire Police has been contacted for further information on this incident.

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