Saturday, 3 Jun 2023

Man puts boulder on his drive to stop drivers cutting corner – and causes chaos

An angry dad is shaming drivers who mount the curb outside his home.

Mark Coultous placed a boulder, which his children painted blue for the NHS, outside his driveway in West Yorkshire as a show of support during the pandemic. 

He’s since made a dedicated TikTok account called ‘RockCamTok’ to capture all the drivers slamming into the large rock.

Mr Coultous, from West Yorkshire, says it’s ‘not his problem’ motorists are damaging their vehicles as it’s ‘serving a purpose’.

Drivers know to be ‘more cautious’ when approaching the end of the street, the father claims.

‘People seem to think it’s okay to drive 1.5m over a pavement and onto the drive and seem to say that it’s been done maliciously,’ he said in one clip.

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‘It was put there for the NHS during Covid. Happy clappy times – the kids did it.

‘Kids did it all over the country. It’s been left there ever since because it’s serving a purpose. So yeah, it’s staying there.

‘We did realise it was actually serving a purpose when we saw cars hit it. Not many hit it.

‘Most cars don’t. In fact most cars now are actually more cautious when they come up the street.

‘There’s only one or two that hit it. It’s not my problem. I’m not moving that rock because someone can’t see and hits it.’

TikTok users are divided over the dad’s decision to keep the rock in place.

One person posted: ‘People shouldn’t be driving over the pavement in the first place. If they do and hit a rock placed on his garden then tough luck.’

Another added: ‘He can decorate his drive however he wants.

‘It’s the responsibility of the driver to make sure they don’t hit anything on his property.’

But others reckon the dad is being ‘petty’, with one person stating: ‘That rock would come through your window after it hit my car.’

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