Thursday, 23 Mar 2023

Londoners terrorised by ‘flasher’ that ‘sticks penis in letterboxes’

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Londoners have been left terrorised by a man seen flashing at doorbell cameras as well as “sticking his penis through letterboxes”. Humorously named the “willy man”, Dagenham residents have spotted the flasher on different occasions on Ring doorbell cameras under the cover of darkness.

A video shared with MyLondon caught the flasher in action as he walked up to a house on Maxey Road in the early hours of Friday, February 17.

The man was seen wearing a facemask and nothing below the waist as he approached a doorbell camera just before 6am.

The man is spotted fleeing from the scene as a car drove past just as he faced the door.

This incident is just one of many reported by horrified Dagenham residents.

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One victim told MyLondon: “It’s frightening and has made my family feel unsafe knowing this is happening.

“There have been other reports of this same person doing this same thing so it’s been going on for some time. He needs catching.”

One victim, who did not want to be identified, stated: “It’s terrifying, and knowing this is happening has made my family feel unsafe.

“There have been other reports of this person doing the same thing, indicating that it has been going on for some time. He must be apprehended.”

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Another resident stated that the man stood naked from the waist down in front of her door just last week, flashing for 10 seconds.

On social media, she shared: “He was standing right in front of my door. Administrators removed the video.

“Someone, I’m guessing the man himself, complained about it. He’s becoming more courageous, and he no longer bothers to hide.”

Another terrified woman claimed the man has been spotted tampering with letterboxes and urged for the criminal to be stopped.

She stated: “Yes, he does stick things in the letterbox, which has been reported numerous times, but he has yet to be caught. If you had this experience, please report it and keep any evidence that your door camera captured. Stopping quickly is required.”

Following a series of indecent exposures in the area this year, the Met Police have appealed for information.

On January 3 and 4, a suspect exposed himself to women through their letterboxes on Mayesbrook Road and Lilliechurch Road, however, dissimilarly to the man filmed this week, he wore dark clothing, a black crash helmet, and rode a dark-coloured motorcycle or moped during all of the incidents.

Police have not confirmed whether the incidents in January are linked to the recent spate of attacks.

Speaking at the time, Detective Constable Sky Mulvey issued a statement: “These incidents were very distressing for the victims. We are eager to obtain any information, CCTV, or door cam/doorbell footage related to the incidents. If you know who this man is, please contact us or Crimestoppers anonymously right away.”

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact police at 101 or via Twitter @MetCC. Please refer to CAD 4471/04JAN. To remain anonymous, call the independent charity Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111.

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