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Laurence Fox blasts GB News, calling its host ‘another establishment mouthpiece’

Laurence Fox has blasted GB News calling it “another establishment mouthpiece”. Fox took to social media to hit out at Mark Dolan who was drafted in to replace suspended host Dan Wootton.

Former actor Fox posted a text exchange between the two men appearing to show Wootton joking about the controversial moment, for which he has since apologised.

Mr Dolan presented the 9pm show on Wednesday instead of Dan Wootton and he spoke about the incident at the start of the programme.

He said: “GB news presenter Laurence Fox appeared on the channel last night and made offensive comments about journalist Ava-Santina Evans.

“Free speech is everything but it comes with responsibility. Anything you say, or write, or broadcast will rightly be exposed to the court of public opinion. I know, I have been there and I will be there again.

“Whether Laurence should stay on air is not my decision, and Dan’s absence tonight is also beyond my control.”

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He added: “There is an investigation ongoing but the comments made by Lawrence, in my view, were sexist, misogynistic and unusually in a frenzy climate of the social-culture wars , have been condemned across the political spectrum – left, right and by the Liberal Democrats.

“GB News has directly apologised to the journalist concerned.”

Mr Fox posted on X, formerly Twitter, calling Dolan a “cosplay freedom fighter”.

“GBNEWS gathered all the dissident voices and convinced them they cared about free speech.

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“Another establishment mouthpiece bought for a cheap price.”

Mr Dolan told viewers: “From my distant background in standup comedy, I learned a lesson a long time ago which is that you can joke about anything you like but when you cross a line, the audience will have you.

“Their judgement will be felt. It’s very regrettable that that has happened on GB news where myself and my colleagues condemn the personal attack on people. Where possible we seek to play the bull, not the man, or in this case, the woman.

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“We are rewriting the rule book on how current affairs broadcasting is done. We are here for many people in the country who feel they do not have a voice.

“But truth is, we are here for everyone. People are coming to us in numbers across all political spectrums because they want a different angle, a different approach, they want debate, they want a diversity of opinion, fiery and good humour but respectful and fair too.”

A statement from GB News on Wednesday said: “GB News has suspended Dan Wootton following comments made on his programme by Laurence Fox last night.”

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