Saturday, 28 Nov 2020

Labour MP squirms as she is forced to admit party is in the ‘same position as all of us!’

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Bridget Phillipson told Sky News’ Niall Paterson that will be guided by the scientific evidence during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Mr Paterson stated that the Labour Party is in the same position as everyone else in having to trust the Government’s approach.   

The Labour MP said: “We will seek to be guided by scientific evidence.

“We do want to take a close look at the review and its findings to be confident that the public can be sure it is the right thing to do.

“Of course it may be necessary for extra mitigating measures to be out in place so that the public can be kept safe, that might involve additional measures around face masks too.”

The Sky News host replied: “In the absence of that information isn’t the Labour Party in exactly the same position as the rest of us?

“The Labour Party has to trust the Government is following the science.”

The Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury said: “We do and that is why it is so crucial that the messaging is right on all of this

“We have seen a slow response on the health side, we don’t want to see that happen when it comes to the economy that is why we are calling for a back door budget that focuses on jobs, jobs and jobs again.

“We have already seen very worrying figures around unemployment, we want to stop that getting worse and keep people in jobs.”

Last week Alexandra Phillips unleashed a scathing attack on the Labour Party’s strategy to attract voters.

The former Brexit MEP told talkRADIO the Labour Party is using the same usual virtual signalling signpost.

Ms Phillips said: “I am hearing the same usual virtual signalling signpost of pro-Trump, anti-NHS, chlorinated chicken, green revolution, I am sorry working-class voters do not care about that nonsense.

“They probably quite admire Trump, when you look at the type of voters attracted to Trump it is similar to the type of disaffected Labour voters here.

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“This constant politicising the NHS and making out that if it is a Tory Government it is going to be privatised and we are going to have an American insurance system.

“Reducing arguments about trade which is a huge wealth creation down to chlorinated chicken is nonsensical.”

She continued: “This is why the Labour Party are not getting any support.

“Because they constantly dissolve every single narrative down to ridiculous virtue signalling.

“The general public see right through it.”

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